Pharmacology Tips

Pharmacology tips Pharmacology  is a fairly used topic in the step series, you will find no less than 20 questions on specific drugs  for any given step and for pharmacology in step 1 at least 10 more, so it becomes important to secure these questions right off. To help you impr... read more

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Step 2 CS hints… part 2.

There are lots of anxious candidates when it comes to step 2 clinical skills exam, but in reality it is the easiest of the series it only takes some preparation both in practice as well as knowing what the exam is about, if you’re planning on taking the exam soon take a look at our second par... read more

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Preparing with USMLE tutoring guides

Experience, this is something you can’t get enough, even most important when facing a new challenge is having someone helping you who has been through the same process, that is exactly what we want to share, our experience.   When we started designing our study guides for USMLE we wa... read more

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Using Mnemonics in USMLE

It has become a common habit to study and remember facts using mnemonics while preparing for USMLE series, although some information that is more or less sterile for logical conclusions can be remembered easily using mnemonics like nucleotides in genetics, other type of information requires t... read more

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When to take a Step

This is an important question throughout all your preparation, when to take a step, it’s important to plan ahead of time when to schedule your exam, while deciding on the specific date here are some things to consider:   -The amount of material to cover: take a good l... read more

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Read the Questions

It appears to be a simple assumption, but for CLINICAL VIGNETTE questions this is a reallyimportant issue, the amount of clinical cases in step 1, step 2 ck and step 3 have been increasing over time getting in some cases to about half the test, this makes even more important to be advised on ... read more

December 15th, 2015 0 Comments

Taking Self Assesment in USMLE

Most USMLE candidates are familiar with the NBME self-assessment exams, these exams consist of test that have similar contents as the real USMLE exams, there is one equivalent for step 1, step 2 ck and step 3. The value of taking these exams is to have an estimate of both your preparation through... read more

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Dont Get distracted

In our days when everything moves fast, everyone is available and connected there is an issue for medical students that is constantly undermining our efforts while preparing for any USMLE test, that is distractions, to learn we must remain focused, to memorize we have to actually pay attention at... read more

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Question Banks

Question banks are surely one of the most helpful and used methods to prepare for USMLE examinations, it is a great way to test yourself while preparing as well as finding out those subjects you missed or for those where you are having a hard time remembering, using a question bank is surely a gr... read more

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USMLE tutors

It has become more frequent for students to look for someone to give advice or guidance through the preparation of any step, the reason is really a logical one, experience, firsthand experience in a test is a valuable tool to prepare for anyone taking an exam, more over when you consider that eac... read more

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Study strategies and advice for USMLE no.1

Hello colleagues,   This week we thought about giving some advice for preparing and taking any USMLE exam, as many are familiar already preparing for a USMLE test is something tedious and time consuming with long hours of study, monumental amounts of information, lots... read more

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Patient Education

One of my old time sayings (both to students and to myself) has always been “an educated patient is the best kind of patient” for my practice this has been a big revelation, when people understand what they have their treatment goes great, they are more compliant with treatment even if it takes a... read more

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While preparing for each USMLE exam, many courses offer high yield contents that are commonly used in questions although not in the same way, you have to keep in mind that each question for a step is not repeated and will not repeat itself since the exam is made to be different along the year and... read more

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Study partners for USMLE

It’s common for medical students to work in group while preparing for their tests, having someone to share the experience and keep you on the right track can be a great aid for your preparation, especially when tests are so extensive and studying becomes a lifestyle,   Even... read more

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Step 2 CS hints. 1

There are lots of anxious candidates when it comes to step 2 clinical skills exam, but in reality it is the easiest of the series it only takes some preparation both in practice as well as knowing what the exam is about,  if you’re planning on taking the exam soon, these tips will help you o... read more

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