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While preparing for each USMLE exam, many courses offer high yield contents that are commonly used in questions although not in the same way, you have to keep in mind that each question for a step is not repeated and will not repeat itself since the exam is made to be different along the year and for all students.


So if questions are so different about the same content, it is in the way you study these contents that the difference should be made, to prepare using high yield facts is more than just reading them or memorizing questions, you have to really understand these concepts, be able to explain them, know them by heart and even memorize diagrams for cycles and mechanisms, many examples come to mind when talking about high yield like membrane cell transporters, ETC, crebs cycle, thyroid function etc. 


When studying a high yield fact you should know everything about it, not just be able to explain it but also know the drugs that act on it, uncoupplers, exceptions, this also includes formulas, diagrams, frequently used images, structures etc.


A common mistake is to take high yield facts and memorize them by reading again and again the same line, you should be more active in your study, look it up in the book, read all about this fact, memorize it, find the odd information about it and mostly write it down in your own words, make a high yield facts card using your own information as well as the information provided by the courses you are using.


The most important part of your preparation comes by your own interest for improving what you know about a particular subject, in this line the more you investigate and discover by yourself about a subject will make you more capable to answer new questions that were not expected in your preparation courses.


Always remember that every single student that has aced or failed a particular step had almost the same information and material to study, it always comes down to the way you study and prepare not just by following a schedule or a course but actually taking an active role in your own formation, investigating, reading different sources, making your own explanations, sure it will take more time and yes sometimes this fact can  make your preparation more difficult and boring, but the important thing is to get this exam right once, and you won’t have to worry about studying again since all this information will be stuck with you for the long run.


So in short today is a perfect day to start tackling all those facts and improve your knowledge, remember that the sooner you start the better your odds will be, as always check our tutoring guides at for detailed guides for every step, Our tutoring guides can help you also giving you guidance during your preparation, helping you keep track of important topics, it has a design from the most important to least asked topics and also includes tips and hints of how some topics may be asked and when you should memorize formulas, diagrams and images.


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