Taking Self Assesment in USMLE

Taking Self Assesment in USMLE

December 4th, 2015, (0 Comments)

Most USMLE candidates are familiar with the NBME self-assessment exams, these exams consist of test that have similar contents as the real USMLE exams, there is one equivalent for step 1, step 2 ck and step 3. The value of taking these exams is to have an estimate of both your preparation through evaluation of your strengths and weakness and to have a score that can help you estimate an approximation of a USMLE score.


While many students opt to leave out of their preparation these exams we consider them to be a helpful tool to assess your preparation before taking a step, you should take this exams at least one month before your test date, try to take the latest version even if that means paying the fee for them there are many ways to find them online, but we recommend to take the latest test and to take notice of where you should focus the rest of that month strengthening your weak areas.


There is also another benefit from taking  self-assessment exams, that being finding similar questions on the real step, many students have commented in forums that their score was very similar to that of the self-assessment exam, and also that they found very similar questions to the ones in the real test.


So it becomes really important to take these exams before your real exam and to pay attention to the questions and topics included in them since most likely you will find similar questions although a bit more difficult in the real step.


The score reports are also important,  self-assessment exams have a conversion table to transform your results in a probable 3 digit score from the real exam, and this has a real feedback for both your preparation and your performance during the test. Also it will give you a standard performance profile to identify both your best and your worst areas, having at least a month to prepare in your deficient areas can increase your real results and improve your performance.




The longitudinal performance profile will help you find your improvements if you decide to take several versions of the exam during your preparation, many students take several tests during their preparation to have this feedback and correct their course along the way.


Our tutoring guides can help you also giving you guidance during your preparation, helping you keep track of important topics, it has a design from the most important to least asked topics and also includes tips and hints of how some topics may be asked and when you should memorize formulas, diagrams and images.


Please remember to visit us at www.usmleprepguide.com to find our latest USMLE tutoring guides, if you have comments please leave them below.


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