Preparing with USMLE tutoring guides

Preparing with USMLE tutoring guides

March 1st, 2016, (0 Comments)

Experience, this is something you can’t get enough, even most important when facing a new challenge is having someone helping you who has been through the same process, that is exactly what we want to share, our experience.


When we started designing our study guides for USMLE we wanted to help others achieve their best, we decided that even though the effort of studying all the subjects and covering all the information must be done,  having a test oriented tutoring guide will help you pass your USMLE exams in the most easy and less time consuming way.


Tutoring guides are made to highlight key topics in each subject, there are topics that shouldn’t be memorized well let you know which ones are important, how some topics might be asked, what biological cycles to memorize, commonly asked clinical images, what is a clinical vignette and how they could be used and many other ideas have been included in our tutoring guides, the use of our tutoring guides will let you focus on what’s relevant for each test thus increasing your chances to achieve a higher score and increasing the opportunity for the position you are aspiring.


During my own preparation I found that many of the topics where not in the exam, the ones that where more frequent where used in a way I wasn’t prepared for or where hard to use, images where not about themselves rather a way of distraction or a way to ask for something else, etc. so it became clear that making something different would require a different way to present it, namely a guidance system to take on the material focused on what is relevant for the test.


It is common for preparation courses to try and cover all the information as a broad sweep to increase coverage aiming for a better result, we believe a more focused approach would provide a better understanding of each test and increase your retention of important and high yield contents, also leaving more time to take mock up tests and take more time on question banks, as a result our guides are focused on important information that must be covered including the way it could be used.


Our study guides can be used to study at home or preparing with study partners or can be used along with other preparation courses to focus on what’s test relevant. No matter what your study habits or way of preparation the tutoring guides can be used in all situations to increase your chances for a higher score.


The guides are made in a way where more relevant topics are covered first so that your preparation of  subjects prioritizes the  more commonly used material, also we focus on delivering a detailed list of what should be covered including hints and tips for every topic that has relevant information and  how it could be used in a question, let say for example a cycle that could be used as numerated diagrams, most students don’t prepare for knowing a cycle through diagrams, that is something that results to be unexpected and time consuming during the test, the use of clinical studies is frequent and often is not related to the study itself, these and more tips can be found along the study guide.


Visit us at and try our guides for your success, if you  have any comments leave them in the section below,

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